Artificial Surfaces Products from Radford EzyNet
Maintenance and Repairs

To keep your surface in top playing condition throughout its life, Radford Ezy Net offer a comprehensive maintenance package including pressure washing and the removal of moss and/or algae.  Where feasible, we are able to undertake the repair and refurbishment of old and worn synthetic surfaces. In the event of a surface or sub-base sustaining damage we can provide the estimates and undertake the necessary repairs.

Artificial Surfaces Products


There are many factors to consider for a project to achieve the ideal balance between purpose, functionality and budget.

By inviting Radford Ezy Net to assist you, will ensure that the most reliable advice and materials are brought into play to account for every aspect from conception to the first game.


As well as designing your ideal playing surface, each project will have specific requirements of its own. Here also Radford Ezy Net can help. We offer design assistance ranging from sub-drainage to surface drainage and from practice grounds to car parking surfaces. The package is available you decide and we provide.

Radford Ezy Net provide the total turnkey package for the installation of our Sports Systems. Through our national network of approved contractors we provide a reliable, low maintenance playing surface at the price you can afford.  There will be situations where work will be done by the Client. When this happens, our Project Managers will be on hand to provide you or your Contractors with the necessary support to ensure rapid and successful installation and to help smooth out any unexpected problems.