Artificial Surfaces


The Radford™ Ezy Net™ Limited (Ezy Net™) system of synthetic surface, artificial surface or astro turf surfaces for sports provide the opportunity for schools, local authorities, sports clubs and other organisations to benefit from a safe, slip resistant yet responsive playing surface that can be used virtually all the year round and almost immediately after heavy rainfall.

Synthetic Multi-Play Surface

Impact response and stability tests have been carried out that confirm relevant standards are achieved. The method of construction can be either an engineered tarmac or a dynamic sub base of clean graded stone, this is additionally supported by strong geotextile separators thus preventing the infiltration of fines into the sub-base which can lead to the distortion of the level profile. A suitable sports carpet is laid on top of our shock pad and drainage layer (a 3-dimensional core bonded between two non-woven geotextives). Site conditions will always determine the appropriate materials to be used in each project. A full range of technical specifications and test results are available for all our products. We offer the complete service from planning through to commissioning using our own approved contractors.


Artificial Surfaces

The Ezy Net™ Dynamic Playing Surface

For affordable, bespoke, multi-sport playing surfaces the solution is the Ezy Net™ Dynamic Playing Surface. The materials we use are highly resistant to weathering and the effects of UV radiation. Each play area is individually designed and constructed according to the site conditions established during a survey and to the client’s budgetary and safety requirements.

A truly improved playing area. Radford™ Ezy Net™ Limited surfaces ensure sustainable shock absorption characteristics. The synthetic surface, artificial surface or astro turf will maintain even levels and resist movement in the playing surface. They provide the ideal playing characteristics under a very wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

Radford Ezy Net™

is a specialist contractor offering design, construction, full project management and refurbishment services for artificial sports and play areas to national and international sports governing bodies.



We will also provide site visits and installation advice at all stages of construction.

Radford™ Ezy Net™ Limited synthetic multi-sport surfaces are indiviually designed and constructed to emulate as near as possible a good natural turf surface whilst meeting the high standards demanded for safe and successful sport in the 21st century.

By involving Radford™ Ezy Net™ Limited at the earliest stage we can help you with the planning, design and construction to ensure you get the most economical, reactive and long lasting synthetic surface. Call direct for a no obligation, on site consultation.