Cricket Nets


Cricket Nets

The world’s leading portable and demountable cricket net system. Traditional cricket nets occupy large areas of space which cannot be used for anything else – but there is a cricket net system that enables you to have secure, vandal resistant areas as large as you need. Now you can use the same space for other activities – because the Ezy Cricket Net system is simply retracted when not in use.

Ease of Use

The Radford Ezy Cricket Net System is incredibly easy to erect and dismantle thus making them very portable and easy to store.


Wide Range of Nets

We offer a wide range of Cricket Net Solutions which ranges from Indoor Nets for sports halls to Portable Mobile Nets for temporary arenas.


Security & Vandal Resistant

High security and vandal resistant boxes mean that the cricket nets are stored safely and are protected from the elements. This keeps them looking new and in better condition much, much longer.


Less Risk to Ricohets

Less poles makes the batsman feel less enclosed and minimizes the risk to the bowler and batsmen of ricohets.


Indoor Cricket Nets

Cricket is a sport for the adaptable, eccentric and outdoorsy adventurers who look forward to spending long and testy hours on the cricket field, chasing cover driven shots right to the edge of the boundary as if a nuclear device would detonate if the ball crossed the line. So when you try to explain the concept of indoor cricket to an ardent cricketer you are simply waging war on a foreign and sovereign turf. But selling the idea of an indoor cricket net is not all too difficult seeing that all you have to do is wait for the rain or the winter snow to get the lads packing their things and rushing back to the pavilion. The enclosed surroundings of indoor practice nets might feel claustrophobic and lacking of the real feel, but what does that matter if you need to oil your wrists in between rain delays..

Mobile Cricket Nets

At Radford Ezy Net we offer a very versatile winching systems that works on a socketed system, this works excellently on the cricket square or it can be used as “throw down/tap up nets” in the outfield, which can also be used as a “stop net for fielding and bowling drills. These mobile cricket nets are meant for light to medium use and are used from personal use to the First Class arena.

Train for True Skill

Although cricket shares a lot of similarities with the American baseball game, this bat and ball sport is quite unique on its own. In the game of cricket, the batter is required to hit the pitched balls for scoring runs.

A game of cricket requires eleven players and each of them have their own specific responsibilities to observe and carry out. Apart from being exciting and fun, cricket is also extremely a great game for improving one’s physical and emotional well-being. This sport is not an easy one to engage in, it calls for true skills; therefore, if your cricket skills aren’t that sharp then you might want to train them by practicing cricket.


Retrieving the Ball

As mentioned, the ball is pitched and the batter is required to hit the ball therefore the ball can fly in all directions. Needless to say, this makes it extremely difficult to retrieve the ball. Therefore, in order to prevent the ball from flying away, mobile cricket nets are used on practice grounds.

There are plenty of mobile cricket nets for sale available in the market. These offer a lot of advantages and are easily portable. They are also available in various sizes from 7.3 meters in length to 20 meters in length therefore depending upon the available space and your requirement you should pick a mobile cricket net size for yourself.


The Advantages

There are many advantages offered by mobile cricket nets. Apart from making preventing the ball from flying in all directions after being hit, these nets also help prevent accidents on the field. Moreover, they prevent vandalism caused when the ball flies high into the air and hit a surface or an individual.

If you want a portable cricket cage in your field then you should definitely invest in one of these. The portable mobile cricket nets for sale come with wheels, thereby making it easy to manoeuvre the nets as per the requirement and preference.



There are different types of mobile cricket nets available in the market in order to suit different types of cricket cage requirements. One can find fixed steel cages, freestanding ones, wooden pole ones, high intensity cages and so on. These generally come with poles in order to make the process of installing them easier.

Apart from the length, the width and the height of the cricket net can also be customized. When shopping for cricket nets, it is important to keep in mind that this type of net is not suitable for serious cricket, but rather for simple home practice.


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