Cricket Nets


Established in 1993 by ex-Worcestershire and England cricketer Neal Radford, Radford™ Ezy Net™ produce the most innovative cricket netting system in the world

Cricket Nets

The world’s leading portable and demountable cricket net system. Traditional cricket nets occupy large areas of space which cannot be used for anything else – but there is a cricket net system that enables you to have secure, vandal resistant areas as large as you need. Now you can use the same space for other activities – because the Ezy Cricket Net system is simply retracted when not in use.

Ease of Use

  • The Radford Ezy Cricket Net System is incredably easy to errect/dismantle thus making them very portable and easy to store

Wide Range of Nets

Security and Vandal Resistent

  • High security vandal resistent boxes mean that the cricket nets are stored safely and are protected from the elements. This keeps them looking new and in better condition much, much longer.

Less Risk to Ricohets

  • Less poles make the batsman feel less enclosed and minimizes the risk to the bowler and batsmen of ricohets.

 Our cricket systems take into account the following:

cricket nets with cricket match• We do not believe nets should be in permanent situ, thereby occupying space that potentially could be utilized for other activities/sport, or may be aesthetically NON pleasing on the eye

• We understand the issues of vandalism (due to nets being left out) and wear caused by the elements and potential vermin

• We understand the issues faced around maintaining nets (especially on grass areas) – this involves striming, cutting, rolling and covering of the net area – a real pain for grounds men especially with “caged” systems

• We believe cricket net areas should and can be used for other activities, certainly on artificial facilities as the nets are retractable/demountable – i.e. warm-up area, fielding drills etc. – this cannot be accommodated in a “cage” system

• We understand the issues spinners face when attempting to give “flight” to a cricket ball – “cage” systems do not allow this, balls end up being stuck in/on the roof net

• We understand the “health & safety” issues faced when balls struck by the batsman will ricochet off the many poles/metal sections (holding up the “caged” system) into the bowlers path causing injury

• We understand the issues of wicket-keepers not being able to get into the nets due to the restriction on space behind the stumps in a “ “caged” facility – we overcome this as our back net can be “set aside/peeled off” due to large Velcro attachments that hold side nets to back nets.