Cricket Scoreboards


The Radford™ Ezy Cricket Scoreboards

This cricket scoreboard is manufactured from compacted foamboard with vinyl lettering and is made to hang on a clubhouse wall.

We have found the scoreboards to be an incredibly versatile, labour saving and practical piece of cricket equipment. In the past we have used traditional scoreboards, fixed in position with individual hanging numbers to lose. This all-in-one scoreboard removes those problems and can be transported and stored with minimum of hassle – a must for a school with lots of cricket pitches to look after! – Andy Southgate, Director of Sport, Moulsford Prep

Why Choose Us

  • Used by 1000s of clubs and schools in Australia and now available in the UK
  • Large, clear numbers for players and spectators with high visibility over 100m
  • Quick and easy to change the score and great for children
  • Each scorer displays the numbers 0-9 and blank therefore no more hanging numbers
  • Suitcase style ScoreCase boards easily carried between pitches and venues
  • Can be supplied with a stand or simply hung on a wall or attached to a fence
  • Room for club/school/sponsor name and logo – boards measure 1110mm x 1240mm when open
  • These Design Award winning scorers are a simple, low-cost way to create clear number displays
  • Scorers sold separately to create an instant professional image
  • Each scorer clearly displays the numbers from 0-9 and blank
  • Simply slide the ‘shutter’ across to change the number
  • Easily attached to any scoreboard surface
  • Each scorer measures 287mm x 187mm
  • Made from weather resistant ABS plastic with a two year guarantee