Indoor Cricket Nets

Indoor Cricket Nets

Cricket is a sport for the adaptable, eccentric and outdoorsy adventurers who look forward to spending long and testy hours on the cricket field, chasing cover driven shots right to the edge of the boundary as if a nuclear device would detonate if the ball crossed the line. So when you try to explain the concept of indoor cricket to an ardent cricketer you are simply waging war on a foreign and sovereign turf. But selling the idea of an indoor cricket net is not all too difficult seeing that all you have to do is wait for the rain or the winter snow to get the lads packing their things and rushing back to the pavilion. The enclosed surroundings of indoor practice nets might feel claustrophobic and lacking of the real feel, but what does that matter if you need to oil your wrists in between rain delays..

Indoor Cricket Nets 

Purpose built indoor nets are basically the same as your usual nets, save for the fact that the surfaces are artificial and net practice is held indoors. Depending on the size of your facility, the designers and fitters can include lanes and run up space tailored to your specific needs. However, design, layout and overall impression is the least of the wonderful surface pleasantries that lie in store for the bowlers.

 A Truly Otherworldly Experience


Unlike outdoor net practice on grass surfaces, the customized surfaces being made these days offer a great deal more in terms of sublime variation, a particularly useful weapon for bowlers. Certain wickets offer bounce to the fast bowlers and the naughtier ones are a paradise for spinners who love to see the look on a batsman when the ball grips and skids away late.

All That Glimmers Is Sometimes Gold

A lot of pessimists like to hide behind the shadow of doubt because they are afraid of trying new things, only to feel envious of peers who decide to take the opportunity and improve their game. One outright advantage of indoor nets that is beyond doubt is that they provide you with extra practice hours long after the sun has gone down. Even though players are encouraged to rest, you will not delay having woken up at 2am on the final day of the deciding Fifth Test of The Ashes to work on your foot movement, only to score match winning century.


High performance centres are what the phrase implies: places for intense and unhindered, goal driven practice. The surfaces and lighting in these facilities can be manipulated to mirror different pitch and weather conditions respectively. Take for instance bad light. Bad light is a contentious matter when players demand that it be given to them and the umpires –bundled into a cozy sum and staring at their geeky gadgets- refuse and force play to continue. However, you will not be bothered at all if you have practiced under different light conditions in these indoor net facilities.

So next time you see a placard advertising indoor cricket nets for sale be sure to remember all the different beneficial uses of this kind innovation and invest in them.