PliFix™ Synthetic Grass

PliFix is a synthetic grass implant used for marking and locating various items and measurements. Once set into the ground, PliFix helps to indicate burried objects (tanks, irrigation systems and cables), show ground hazards and mark out building sites, camp sites etc. When used on sports areas they provide an ideal may to mark positions on the playing surface with Plifix clearly visable in the grass. Due to their design, Plifix can either be left in the ground perminantley or moved as and when required. PliFix provide an excellent way for grounsman to mark areas and were even used on the pitches at the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France.

The smart indicator for sports areas, lawns and gardens – the most practical solution for marking buried objects or setting lines and boundaries

How does Plifix Work?

PliFix is available in a number of different colours. This allows you to use different coulored markers in order to mark different types of objects. For example red can be used to mark electricity cables, blue water piepes and sprinklers and white to mark lines for sports pitches.

PliFix markers are placed in the ground to a pre-determined depth so that their coloured synthetic grass tops remain visable. When the grass is next cut these also get trimmed to the correct level. This means that although still clearly visable they remain equal with the length of the grass. For a better idea simply watch the slideshow below.

How can PliFix be used?

  • On sports fields to mark out areas of play
  • To mark underground pipework, irrigation systems and cable routes
  •  To clearly display borders and boundaries such as on building sites

  • Different colour options allow you to clearly differentiate between different types of markers. For example white for field markings, blue for sprinkler heads or red for electricity.