As the cricket season draws closer, Clubs and Schools across the land will be now preparing for the season ahead. Cricket Sightscreens are a critical part of the play, and we have what we believe the premier screens in the market place. As cricket is now both a red and white ball game, our screens swivel to accommodate this. Unique patented design enables the transformation from white to red ball cricket in less than 2 minutes. When not in use panels can be set in a ‘locked open’ position to facilitate airflow through the screen and therefore dramatically reducing potential damage from the elements. Framework: post galvanised steel, with Swivel wheels fitted enabling 360-degree movement if required.

We have 2 sizes, namely 4m x 4m or 5m tall by 4m wide. Usual lead-time will be 4 weeks maximum, deliver and erected on your site.

Beat the rest and get your practise facilities upgraded/improved by contacting us ASAP – Our number is 01386 861029 or email