This week speculation arose over whether England cricket captain Alistair Cook would resign from his position after the Test series in India.

Uncertainty over his future career grew after the 31-year-old hinted his captaincy days could be numbered in an interview with The Times newspaper.

He was quoted as saying: “Deep down I don’t know how much longer I am going to carry on. It could be two months, it could be a year.”

The Essex player suggested that the stress of the role has taken its toll, adding that he looks forward to playing a Test match as a batter, and not as a captain as well.

However, Cook noted that while there have been some “tough moments”, there have been several highs too.

“You can enjoy that success that little bit more because of what you go through as England captain,” he stated.

Cook took over as captain in 2012 and has had an impressive history of success ever since, winning 24 of his Tests, a series in India, and the Ashes twice.

He also broke the record of 54 Tests as a captain earlier this week during the first match against India, stealing the title from Michael Atherton.

Overall, he has scored 10,688 runs in 135 Tests, which is the greatest number achieved by an Englishman.

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