It looks as though bat size limitations could be introduced to the Laws of Cricket after the Marylebone Cricket Club’s World Cricket committee said it believes that the balance between bat and ball has been tilted too far in favour of the batsman.

A statement from the committee suggested that the maximum thickness of the edge of the bat could be between 35mm and 40mm, with the overall depth between 60mm and 65mm. At the moment, some bats have edges of 55mm and can be up to 80mm deep.

“The overwhelming (but not unanimous) view of the committee was that it has become too easy for batsmen to clear the boundary in all forms of cricket, even with mistimed shots,” the statement continued.

Limitations on bat size would need to be agreed upon and then ratified by the Main Committee of the Club, introduced as part of the new Code of the Laws that is due to be published on October 1st 2017.

The committee also stated that cricket needs to embrace the idea of playing T20 in the Olympics, applying to take part in the event for 2024 – part of the International Cricket Council’s plans to make cricket the world’s favourite sport. It’s hoped that by including the sport in the Games, the best players would help to reinvigorate cricket at a grassroots level, encouraging growth in new markets.

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